Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catching Up

Rain Rain Go Away........
it's been raining since Sunday and the forecast is saying we will have rain all week! Where was all this rain in the summer,when our grass and flowers were dying! Ok my rants done...

It's Tuesday and I totally forgot to post my Muffin Tin Monday picture. It's nothing spectacular just lunch...haha I was not in the mood yesterday to do anything fun - as far as lunches went. I had errands to run all day and getting 2 toddlers in/ out of a car 7 times... ehh! That's enough to make you want to take a Nap.
 So lunch time came.. and this was what the kids had

  • Apple Slices
  • Raisins
  • Cracker Sticks & Cheese
  • Ham, Turkey and Cheese Pinewheels

Yesterday I was busy catching up on laundry, promoting my Business Scentsy and like I said earlier running a million errands, did I mention in  the rain!  I also made a sign yesterday  to display at my Scentsy Shows.. and My dad is suppose to be making me a display so I can actually plug in a plug-in warmer so, you can see it when I have vendor shows :) He was suppose to come down last week for the Neptune Festival but I guess with old age he wrote the wrong dates down, and now as far as I know he will be visiting next week! 

Backing up ...some more..
This past weekend was my 5th wedding anniversary. So weird to say that out loud, because we have been together for so much longer.  We just went out to dinner as a family, and I got to get my sushi fix .. YUM!
Mya started Soccer back up and her 1st game was this past Saturday... She did great she blocked two balls as goalie :)  YAY Mya!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Eye Ball Galore

I think my son is obsessed w/ the fact the he can eat eye balls!
He asked for LOTS of eye balls today.. so that's what I gave him..
I was trying to think outside of the box...  I don't really have a theme per-say...
But this is lunch:
Tuna Fish Sandwich
Midget Pickles = 4 Planktons (by spongebob.. thats what Brayden said they looked liked)
Caterpillar= Grapes ( his call on that)
Jelly Fish= Applesauce...

Toy Story on Ice

Wednesday we went to our yearly Ice show, and this year Disney featured Toy Story 3. Which was perfect since last year it was all about princesses and this year Brayden got to have Buzz :)
Last year Mya dressed up as Princess Belle when we went so I thought it would be tradition to dress up again..So, Brayden Dressed up as Buzz and Mya dressed up as Jessie.  We already had a Buzz costume so now I needed to find a Jessie one. Well, the halloween ones I really didn't like. They looked so cheap. So I asked a friend  if she would make her the outfit if I got the materials..

This is Jessie from Toy Story

I think it turned out pretty good. The only thing I noticed later about the chaps is that you couldn't actually see jeans in the front... but that's ok.. It was still darling and she received so many compliments!! You can check out Daffe Designs -  she makes a ton of stuff!

Add'l pictures from our night:

We had a good time! The whole show stayed on point with the movie which was pretty neat, so I am sure the kids were following it pretty well. The next morning Brayden begged to go back... I loved that he loved it so much!

Monday, September 20, 2010

MTM Theme : Shapes

It's Monday again... and that means it's
and this weeks theme is SHAPES

 I think this turned out cute w. the letters.. I found these amazing cookies at Trader Joes.. They are once again Super Yummy!

 So, Saturday Mya started "tball" we are not excited at all about the division nor the coach. She's not even suppose to be in tball.. we signed her up for her age group but because there were not enough players tose kids were sent to tball.. yes without asking us if that's ok. We would much rather be back at Soccer.. That's a lesson learned.

Saturday I had my first Scentsy show.. I think it went very well. For those of you following me and you don't know what Scentsy is.. It's amazing!
Check out  My Scentsy Website

Monday, September 13, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday Theme: Movies

Princess & The Frog is our theme-
Gives me another reason  to use our lunch punch
Ahhhhhhh I just noticed I took my picture BEFORE I added the frog's tongue

For lunch we have PB&J Princess w/  a fruit leather star along side of her is the handsome PB&J  Frog - separating the two is a magical stone(cotton candy).. Delicious pretzel shields, broccoli salad and a lemon cookie drizzled w/ chocolate and sprinkled w/ powdered sugar

The above picture is for the camera.. Mya's went with her to school and Brayden will eat his at lunch 

Hope you enjoyed my MTM...
Have a great week!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Slider Station - Awesome for Bento Lunches

I have been wanting one of these Slider Stations for a while- As seen on TV :)
, but personally didn't want to spend $20.
About a month ago I was in Five Below and they had them!! I was super stoked.. they were $5!!

The other night we were in the mood for burgers so I made sliders!!

Add the meat....

Cover for about 3 minutes on med heat 
And Viola!  This is Mikes Plate (hubbys) 

And the kid's plates

It was delicious.. just as if it came off the grill! I seasoned the meat and added flavor.. just as you would do any homeade burger.. and it still came out perfect!
Awesome for Bento Meals!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Surprise from Cali

My friend Stephanie from A Pocket Full of Buttons sent me an amazing package :) I felt like a kids at christmas with all the accessories! 

 All just for me.... I mean the  kids..haha The above items are for there bento lunches/ MTM... incase you were wondering mom =) Considering Stephanie is the one who got be addicted to this adventure...I love the gifts even more ;)
Thanks so much!

I can't wait to play :)

Off to First Grade she goes....

My baby girl started 1st grade today, I can't believe it..and this is my last year at home w/ Brayden since next year he will be in Pre-K.. My kids are growing up way to fast! The alarm went off  this morning at 7am.. I thought Mya was going to struggle  this morning since she was up an hour later  than we expected...Nope.. I softly woke her up.. saying "Mya it's time to wake up.. it's the 1st day of school" she literally almost knocked me down as she jumps up and screams YES!!!!!!!!!  It was so cute.. but she surely won't be screaming yes for long...  Mya  is not a morning person :)

Last night I made Mya her 1st grade cake, just as I did last year....

Last years's cake:

She loved her cake... I forgot to get her to pose w/ it this morning so I will need to add that into my collection :)
Here's hoping to a wonderful school year :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

So, It's Labor Day.. and I need to catch up from the weekend :) 
We had an amazing family weekend, spent with friends as well. Thank goodness I have such wonderful friends they are my family here in VA since my mom and step dad are in Florida and my dad , brother and sister in law live in MD..I miss them all and so wish we all lived close.. I hate being so far away.

Saturday Mya had a birthday party to go to at her friend Kylee's - but it was more a bday party/ labor day party.. We had loads of fun cornhole, good food and good company and so did the kids...They made tie dyed shirts, swam all day, played played and played some more... afterwords we went over my besties house and watched the Date Night Movie - Steve Carell and Nancy Fey are hilarious actors.. but this movie was not as funny as we expected. Yes, we liked it.. but we expected way more.
Mya and the birthday girl
 (above picture) Mike and Brayden are playing slap hands...lol

Sunday we had another Labor Day party to  attend- It turned out to be such a gorgeous day. The kids swam all day, played games as the adults drank and played cornhole and socialized at good food and once again great company! Once it was dark we lit up the fire pit.. that was really enjoyable :).. I  did "try" to make this really neat kid friendly Jello Treat.. It turned out very cute.. until I cut it.. It didn't do what I had intended it to do, so scooping it out was what we ended up doing regardless it was a huge hit overall :)

Today... was Muffin Tin Monday...
For Lunch:
Bologna & Cheese Rollups, Star-shaped Sticky Rice, Watermelon,Blueberry Yogurt and for dessert Resse cup

What a way to end summer vacation..
Mya starts 1st grade tomorrow. I am so excited for her but hate watching her grow up so fast... 
Stay tuned tomorrow for school pictures :)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The kiddos... and Me

Oh Yesteryday was a lazy day outside of making lunch and keeping the kids in line. I woke up once again w/ a migraine.  Everything hurt to have my eyes open. I took my new meds for my migraines and layed down... I felt so very nausea and new I was going to be sick like any other time I have a migraine..Sure enough.. I did. For the past few months my platelet count has been acting up again.  I've been back to the doctors for blood work done, I just had another CBC done along w/ them checking my thyroid. After having my emergency hysterectomy done 2 yrs ago  now,I was for sure this was all behind me.. Lately I have been feeling blah, and tired.. not sure whats going on really...

As for lunch....

My kids wanted a "fun lunch" as they call it, but I only had this and that .. so I tried to make it work. I think it turned out fairly good, but I would like to attempt this again in the future. Like I mentioned I  wasn't feeling very well yesterday so since they wanted a fun lunch I did something easy..

Left over rice, cheese faces,  For Mya she has bologna hair and fruit leather eyes/mouth along with a mini pepperoni body..lol  .  Brayden has a Cucumber body w/ a cucumber hat w/ fruit leather as eyes and mouth as well.. they both have Fresh green grapes. Along side of that is Mini Toast from Trader Joes w/ cream cheese a drizzle of ranch and Red Robin Seasoning... w/ a pinch of Honey Ham and left over cheese.