Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catching Up

Rain Rain Go Away........
it's been raining since Sunday and the forecast is saying we will have rain all week! Where was all this rain in the summer,when our grass and flowers were dying! Ok my rants done...

It's Tuesday and I totally forgot to post my Muffin Tin Monday picture. It's nothing spectacular just lunch...haha I was not in the mood yesterday to do anything fun - as far as lunches went. I had errands to run all day and getting 2 toddlers in/ out of a car 7 times... ehh! That's enough to make you want to take a Nap.
 So lunch time came.. and this was what the kids had

  • Apple Slices
  • Raisins
  • Cracker Sticks & Cheese
  • Ham, Turkey and Cheese Pinewheels

Yesterday I was busy catching up on laundry, promoting my Business Scentsy and like I said earlier running a million errands, did I mention in  the rain!  I also made a sign yesterday  to display at my Scentsy Shows.. and My dad is suppose to be making me a display so I can actually plug in a plug-in warmer so, you can see it when I have vendor shows :) He was suppose to come down last week for the Neptune Festival but I guess with old age he wrote the wrong dates down, and now as far as I know he will be visiting next week! 

Backing up ...some more..
This past weekend was my 5th wedding anniversary. So weird to say that out loud, because we have been together for so much longer.  We just went out to dinner as a family, and I got to get my sushi fix .. YUM!
Mya started Soccer back up and her 1st game was this past Saturday... She did great she blocked two balls as goalie :)  YAY Mya!