Monday, August 30, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday- Number Themed

Wow.. it's Monday already.. only 1 more week until school starts here in VA.
I can't believe that my daughter's already in 1st grade , next yr my son will be in preschool.. Why , oh why do they need to grow up so fast...
Anyways last week started the themed Muffin Tin Monday .. but I was busy w/ just returning home the night before from our weekend extravaganza I passed on MTM.. 

So today is my 1st themed Monday.. and it was Numbers...

We have... 
1 Graham cracker w/ peanut butter and fluff
2 Mini Egg Salad Sandwiches
3 Slices Cucumbers with a drizzle of Ranch
4 Green Grapes

Kids sure did scarf there food down, its been a while since I have made egg salad so they were in heaven, as I was too!

Yippie... My Lunch Punch Arrived!

Yay!!!!!!!! It finally arrived.  The excitement was so worth it once they arrived, my kids were so tickled and I was even more excited because I thought I was only winning 1 of the 2... not both! So when I saw I had received both I was more than thrilled, one for my daughter and one for my son!!

Anyways...A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Another Lunch's blog and the give away was from The Lunch Punch! These lunch punches are adorable you must check out there site.. a mommy invented them :) I think I did pretty good on my 1st attempt .


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VA Natural Bridge Safari Weekend

What a great weekend! My family and best friends family went to Natural Bridge, VA It was amazing! We drove up Friday evening that way we could get an early start Saturday since it was a 3.5 hr trip from our house.  Saturday we went to Virginia Safari Park .   

We loved it. You drove your own pace through 110 acres- took us about 2.5 hrs but it really didn't feel like that at all... Time flew by. We got to feed the them and just enjoy looking at them. We all had such a blast! It's a must do for any family regardless of age.

Back at the hotel we went swimming, took empty boxes and watched the kids slide down the mountain..haha that was fun.. Sunday we were off to another adventure... Natural Bridge itself.. 20 stories of solid limestone rock, carved by the fingers of nature-
It was breath taking, gorgeous and totally worth it. We walked the whole 3 miles... but this was satisfying and gave us much glory just to see what nature had made. The kids in the above picture are watching a water snake, slither along trying to eat the minnows.
On our way to the Natural Bridge we spotted FoamHedge.. haha we had to stop on our way home... 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Christmas in August!

 Good Afternoon.. So for todays lunch we did a Roasted Chicken Salad w/ Ritz Crackers. Italian Pasta and Purple Grapes. For Dessert I just made a little shortbread cookie w/ icing and sprinkles :) The other day Brayden had asked about Christmas since I am sure he over heard me talking, I thought he would enjoy a Christmas Lunch.. He thought it was awesome..Especially the mini tree's on the cookie :)
- I can't believe Christmas is in 4 months!!

And My Daughters MTM

I am new at all of this so, I would like to get a little more traffic.. So for those of you who see this through the MTM site.. "follow me" and next month I am doing a giveaway!! 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mommys Helper!

Wheww today was a busy day!  I had a Scentsy Party earlier today, and if you have no idea what Scentsy is... it's awesome!!

Anyways, Brayden was sleeping and it was dinner time. So I thought it would be a good idea to see if Mya wanted to make dinner that she had requested. Well she did :)

Oven Time

 I helped a little by peeling the potatoes and cutting them for her.
 She had fun doing this and adding seasoning.. Popped in the the microwave and she was impressed how fast that

All done :)  I think it looks yummy!  and below she is making her Daddys dinner.
She did a great job!! 

Now off to watch Howard the Duck w. the kids!

Baby Gavin

Ooo isn't he just precious!
My best friends sister just had her second child and amazingly I got to be there to help her, hold her hand and yell at her while she gave birth! She did great! It was an amazing experience for me and I am grateful to have been there. It wasn't planned at all. Her husband was on a 8 month deployment was to return home from being out to sea on SATURDAY , but yet.. Gavin just couldn't wait! I received a text from Jamie early that morning needing me to get her and Autumn and take her to the hospital because she was contracting and it seemed to be 2 mins apart. .. Yes she woke up this way..  So, I was going up to the hospital to keep her company until her mom and sister arrived... I arrived at the hospital about 10 mins after Jamie and she was already pushing 9 cm. Everything happened so fast.. and next thing you know.. Baby Gavin arrived :)

He is so precious. :)


Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Weekend with Friends and Family!

Saturday was my best friends son's birthday party! He chose Spongebob as his theme. She  is amazing at making cakes! This picture truly doesn't give it any justice at all.. She should totally open up her own shop. Huge creativity and not to mention the cake is delicious :)
After the party my family stayed since we had plans to have some drinks and watch Grown Ups.. The movie is hilarious! (not on DVD yet..)
Speaking of drinks...
Apparently the Moscato doesn't want us getting in! It literally took this and me wiggling and turning to get the darn cork out! Wheww.. But it was delish none the less :)

Sunday Mike, the kids and I packed a lunch and went to VA Beach for the day!  We haven't been at all this year. I love it there. I could just sit on the beach and listen to the waves crash all day. I did build this awesome turtle out of sand... BUT the darn waves knocked it down 3xs so I said screw it and didn't attempt it again

Mike got taken away by the waves
Brayden was enjoying the sand... and helping me w/ the turtle
My beautiful daughter

 After a long day at the beach we changed our clothes and walked along the streets/ and boardwalk.. Along that walk we came across a street performer Aaron Bonk  
he was hilarious and put on a great show!  He is from Cleveland Ohio. 

Relaxing Monday

Wheww What a busy weekend!  Today for lunch I wanted something simple for MTM 

We went with chicken & cheese pinwheels. Bowtie pasta w/ EVOO and parsley flakes for garnish. Sweet Purple Grapes and for Dessert they had a Chocolate Dip Granola Bar. 
Mya picked out her pick for the day, so of course Brayden did too and wanted the giraffe :) I need to make them both  a Giraffe bento I think they would love it!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Yes.. Spongebob was for lunch today!

All I have heard for a week  now is Spongebob this and Spongebob that! My best friend is throwing her son a Spongebob themed birthday party and we received these amazing invitations that my kids just loved! Well since the invite is displayed where the kids can see I am constantly asked everyday is it Ryans Spongebob party yet?? ... No, I reply everyday.. well today my answer was "tomorrow" They screamed for joy (the littlest things excite So Mya asked if she could have a spongebob lunch.. then Brayden said "ooo I want Patrick Mom" so.. This is what I came up with!

We have Spongebob, Patrick and Mr. Crabs!

They loved it!

Well since  today is Friday, I am "off" from Bento for the weekend.. What does everyone have planned for the weekend. We have a bday party to attend tomorrow, followed by movie night w/ friends watching Grown Ups.  Sunday we are headed to VA Beach for the day...
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Great Aunt Phibian

This week has flown by but I have been so busy I haven't had time to do my Bento Lunches or MTM. Brayden wasn't feeling good for about 5 days. I believe he had a stomach bug. He is better now and is back to eatting me out of house and home.

Todays Lunch was picked by the kids.. They wanted to me to read them a Story

My Great Aunt Phibian
Written By: Sherry Gerstein

A little boy and girl frog look forward to the annual visit of there great aunt. She is slightly kooky who has some particularly unusual abilities. She uses her webbed flippers in all sorts of ways- she fans them out to shield her niece and nephew from rain and scoops up fly balls, and lots more.
My kids seem to enjoy this book.. IMO it's ok. But it's there choice :)

So.. Here's our lunch for the day

A "Froggy" Chicken Salad  Sandwich , attacking a fly on potatoe salad, Delicious sweet purple grapes on skewers and lastly yogurt stars from Trader Joes!