Monday, January 24, 2011

Autism Charitable Warmer

I am so excited to Announce that the company I am apart of .. Scentsy is doing a Charitable Warmer for Autism!! I am so excited because my nephew has Autism and I have seen/heard of the challenges that my sister in law and brother in law endure on a daily basis.. They are amazing.
Kaiden is an amazing little boy. He has come along way within the last year.. He speaks words but still signs and he is incredibly smart when it comes to the computer and spelling, Hey I think he probably spells better than I do and he's going on 4 :)

Please pass this info along my blogger friends...  And keep the Autism Awareness going.

Starting March 1st for the Spring/Summer Catalog line Scentsy will have this warmer available for $35 .
                                             100% of the proceeds will go to Autism Speaks

After March 1st  you can go to My Website and look at Open Parties.. I will set up a "Autism Speaks" Party- because I would love to keep track of how many warmers get sold :)