Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Weekend with Friends and Family!

Saturday was my best friends son's birthday party! He chose Spongebob as his theme. She  is amazing at making cakes! This picture truly doesn't give it any justice at all.. She should totally open up her own shop. Huge creativity and not to mention the cake is delicious :)
After the party my family stayed since we had plans to have some drinks and watch Grown Ups.. The movie is hilarious! (not on DVD yet..)
Speaking of drinks...
Apparently the Moscato doesn't want us getting in! It literally took this and me wiggling and turning to get the darn cork out! Wheww.. But it was delish none the less :)

Sunday Mike, the kids and I packed a lunch and went to VA Beach for the day!  We haven't been at all this year. I love it there. I could just sit on the beach and listen to the waves crash all day. I did build this awesome turtle out of sand... BUT the darn waves knocked it down 3xs so I said screw it and didn't attempt it again

Mike got taken away by the waves
Brayden was enjoying the sand... and helping me w/ the turtle
My beautiful daughter

 After a long day at the beach we changed our clothes and walked along the streets/ and boardwalk.. Along that walk we came across a street performer Aaron Bonk  
he was hilarious and put on a great show!  He is from Cleveland Ohio. 

Relaxing Monday

Wheww What a busy weekend!  Today for lunch I wanted something simple for MTM 

We went with chicken & cheese pinwheels. Bowtie pasta w/ EVOO and parsley flakes for garnish. Sweet Purple Grapes and for Dessert they had a Chocolate Dip Granola Bar. 
Mya picked out her pick for the day, so of course Brayden did too and wanted the giraffe :) I need to make them both  a Giraffe bento I think they would love it!