Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Great Aunt Phibian

This week has flown by but I have been so busy I haven't had time to do my Bento Lunches or MTM. Brayden wasn't feeling good for about 5 days. I believe he had a stomach bug. He is better now and is back to eatting me out of house and home.

Todays Lunch was picked by the kids.. They wanted to me to read them a Story

My Great Aunt Phibian
Written By: Sherry Gerstein

A little boy and girl frog look forward to the annual visit of there great aunt. She is slightly kooky who has some particularly unusual abilities. She uses her webbed flippers in all sorts of ways- she fans them out to shield her niece and nephew from rain and scoops up fly balls, and lots more.
My kids seem to enjoy this book.. IMO it's ok. But it's there choice :)

So.. Here's our lunch for the day

A "Froggy" Chicken Salad  Sandwich , attacking a fly on potatoe salad, Delicious sweet purple grapes on skewers and lastly yogurt stars from Trader Joes!