Friday, October 9, 2009

Wow It's been awhile... 2009...

Life... Is so busy and hectic I am sorry that I have not kept this updated, I will try harder.

Since I last posted, a lot has changed and a lot has happened. In January, Mike was laid off from his job of 10 yrs, he is still laid off as today. But is currently working w/ a friends dad that does home improvements. The lay off was a shock, and we did freak out but in all honesty it hasn't been a bad thing. Before Mike wasn't really here, he worked 12 hour shifts and when he was home, he was asleep. So most of the time I felt like a single mom w/ 2 kids and a house to take care of, on top of all that yard work as well. I handled everything, but missed Mike. Now he is home ( we had kinks to work out at first, since I had a daily routine) and he helps...even tho' sometimes it feels like I have 4 kids instead of 2... it all works out in the end, we are happy the kids are happy and thats all that matters! We have made ends meet, still run an amazon business, and have been able to make improvements on our home... Now.. we just need to get a bigger house, but in due time... we are fine here for the moment.

Boy did the kids have a busy fun filled summer! We were off to Busch Gardens and/or Water Country while going to to park or just walking along the river. We spent days in Va Beach and did have a mini vacation in White Lake N.C which we absolutely loved! The water was warm and clear. The Lake itself was very private... We had a great time!!
My LOVES thrills :) So, she road the Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens, and it's been there for 25 yrs and this was the last year, so she insisted on standing in line for the front, it doesn't go upside down.. but it almost does......

Here are some Random Summer pics:

Mya is now in Kindergarten!! I can't believe my baby has grown up so fast! Here are a few pictures of her the 1st week, I made her a Kindergarten cake and will continue that as a ritual all of her elementary school years... unless she wants me to continue it to middle school too.. I mean hey.. Cake is cake :)

Brayden now.. he is SMART. He knows his ABC's, numbers, colors, shapes, and recognizes words and or animals... If you teach him something he is a sponge and will remember it.

We have been very blessed and have two amazing kids. I wish all of you lived here so you could watch them grow and watch the everyday amazing accomplishments they do. Not everyday is great, trust me we have time-outs! But overall they are wonderful.
We love you all......

Now on to Tball! Yes, thats right.... We have tball 3 times a week. Tuesday,Friday and Saturday.... Mya loves it and Mike is her coach!

But poor Brayden wants to play SoOOOOoo BAD!

Hope you have enjoyed the pics and update.. there is still more, but I need to run and get Mya off the bus