Friday, August 6, 2010


Yes.. Spongebob was for lunch today!

All I have heard for a week  now is Spongebob this and Spongebob that! My best friend is throwing her son a Spongebob themed birthday party and we received these amazing invitations that my kids just loved! Well since the invite is displayed where the kids can see I am constantly asked everyday is it Ryans Spongebob party yet?? ... No, I reply everyday.. well today my answer was "tomorrow" They screamed for joy (the littlest things excite So Mya asked if she could have a spongebob lunch.. then Brayden said "ooo I want Patrick Mom" so.. This is what I came up with!

We have Spongebob, Patrick and Mr. Crabs!

They loved it!

Well since  today is Friday, I am "off" from Bento for the weekend.. What does everyone have planned for the weekend. We have a bday party to attend tomorrow, followed by movie night w/ friends watching Grown Ups.  Sunday we are headed to VA Beach for the day...
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend