Friday, October 22, 2010

Drive In Movie Sleepover

Mya's Drive-In Movie Sleepover

Mya loves sleepovers! She has been begging me to let Kylee and Alicyn come over for a sleepover so I placed it on my calendar.. and here we are.
Mya wanted Pizza for dinner and a drive in movie night with something scary!  Well.. since we can't really do Friday the 13th or Freddy just yet.. I picked Adams Family. She has seen Casper, and Beetlejuice and a few other movies. But I figured that we would be safe w/ Adam Family with all kids.

Here is one of the cars :)  I think they came out great!  I used a card board box, I drew a "grill" on the front used aluminum foil for headlights and black plates for tires (on the side) The Cubbys are made out of shoe boxes and a slit cut in th corner for the drink to stay in. I used Large Binder Clips to hold the show box on the side. It worked - no spills :)

I added a small little touch to the front to say
"Moeller Drive-In"


The Snacks

MTM - Pumpkins

I am extremely late posting this.. but better late than never :)

We have a Turkey & Provolone Pumpkin "Samwich" ,Ghostly Raisins, Whale grave yard, fingers w/ ranch for dipping and for dessert peanut butter no bake goodness :)


Fall Begins

It's that time of year again, where the weather starts acting crazy, we all get the sniffles and the leaves on the  tree's look there best :)
School started and I feel like I have been neglecting my blog duties and uploading pics, so please bare with me if I go MIA :) Between Mya's school, soccer,birthday parties every weekend, my dad visiting and Scentsy I have been busy. Last week I had to help a dear friend and watched her daycare children  because she needed surgery after fracturing her ankle in I believe 3 spots. She ended up with 7 pins and a metal plate!  Craziness. 

Last weekend we were driving home from a birthday party and I noticed a church that had a pumpkin patch, so we stopped and gathered our pumpkins. My favorite was the dark green one :)
I figured this year we would do something different instead of carving them... I let the kids decorate there pumpkin like you do Mr. Potato Head...