Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Bento!

 2011 Bento Lunch..    MTM...
We have a delicious Fugi Apple sliced and ready to go scored w/ the #2... We have 2 PB&J's "0" and 2 single pressed freshly made fudge brownies to act as my "11"

Mya's new hair cut and she's ready to show it off on her 1st day back to school for 2011~

Wow it's 2011 already!!

My last post was on Nov 1st  I apologize.. So much has happened, we have been so busy once again.  Let's see where I left off.  My neighbor T was in a car accident right at the end of October. She ended up causing the accident due to a stroke.  The stroke was caused by the cancer in her brain that we didn't know about.  She is like family to us. We have known her for 6 years. And for those 6 years she has grown to love my kids as they were her own grandkids.  It has been very hard , she doesnt have any family here, her sister is in Arkansas and she does what she can from there and I try to do what I can from here to help in any way I can. T doesnt really understand what's going on. They gave her a life expectancy of 2 months. I'm not sure if that was before chemo? But she is doing daily chemo treatments. She has been living at an assisted living home, but is now currently back in the hospital. We just pray she gets better.. My kids like to say grace at there meals now, and it's usually funny how Brayden does it.  He thanks god for his green beans, noodles and chicken (whatever is for dinner) and then he will sometimes add and keep T in mind.  I love my boy! He's so thoughtful!

Moving on.. I do have 2 months to cover :)

November was a busy month for me and my Scentsy business! It was great .. I sure hope it keeps up!
November also ended Fall Soccer so we had yet another trophy!

 In Novemeber Mya had a project due in 1st grade ... we had to do a time line of her 6 years :)  I came up with a cleaver but corny way to represent it .. We made a "clock" to show the Time of 6 years... each year had its on certain color for the kids to easily grasp.. I think it came out nice!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.. spent with just us 4... it was relaxing and a much needed break from chaos :)

On to December... 

Every 1st Friday of December they have the Holly Dazzle Grand Illumination in the City Center.  It's a HUGE beautiful display of fireworks, arts& crafts for the kids, food vendors everywhere..
We always go to see the Lights at Newport News Park and now we have made a tradition of Christmas Town at Busch Gardens now that this is there 2nd year doing it!  On Christmas Eve we got together with my nephews and niece to make gingerbread houses... I think next year we can stick to decorating cookies !!  Also.. Mya lost her two front teeth... How exciting was it to be able to sing her "THE SONG"   hahah  and I found the perfect ..Hallmark Ornament

 All The Moeller's minus Kaiden
 My Family!
 Hunter was filling Mya's teeth in :)

Now on to Christmas Day!

I almost for got...  The lunch I made them~

Hubby did amazing this year for me!!  I have been really wanting a nice new camera.. I mean NICE camera! He got me a Canon Rebel T2i...  It's 18.0 Megapixel also has an advanced HD Movie mode for gorgeous Full HD movies. Able to capture up to 3.7 frames per second, it's ready to go the minute it's picked up. I love it!! Also he got me a Pandora Bracelet!  Mya picked out the giraffe charm because I love them! (so does she) and Mike picked out the glass charm!   I cant wait to get more!!

 Our Winter Wonderland... 13 inches!

My Bracelet...

I think that pretty much SUMS up some stuff :) 

2011.. Here we come... Lets hope for a healthy year.  My 1st day wasn't so healthy I ended up at th ER because I literally couldn't breathe.  So scary!!  I couldnt talk, I could barely gasp for air... again so scary!! Today I feel better, other than some muscle spasms I keep feeling in my back... but lets hope thats the worse for 2011~