Thursday, May 24, 2012


Looks like you need to actually come to my website to see the videos... and not just read from your email...  

The Cookie Challenge

So, last month was Mikes birthday.. and I ALWAYS ask the kids what they want to do for dad, what they want to get him, etc.  I really feel that it's important that I involve them in things like this... and they love it!   So for a few months there had been alot of viral challenges online... one was the Cinnamon Challenge.. (apparently you can't put a spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth and swallow.. it apparently makes you choke , cough etc.. ) I know for some of you you  think this is just crazy.... well there was also a few others but the one that looked FUN... was the cookie challenge and I had show Mya and Brayden a video off of Youtube...   Brayden remembered~   and when it was time for me to ask him what he wanted to do for dad on his birthday and what he wanted to get him... his answer was simply. He wanted to do the cookie challenge w/ Dad....

So  they did....

Humorous.... Isn't it..... Now lets see you try it!!

Odyssey of the Mind Performance

This year in second grade, Mya was chosen to participate in  Odyssey of the Mind at her school.  This was the first year that Dutrow Elementary has done a primary team (students in 1st and 2nd) The school typically just does grades 3-5th.   The primary team did amazing!!   It was a very long day at competition.. I believe we were there for 8hrs.  Incase your unfamiliar with what Odyssey of the Mind is : its an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students.

Mya's team had " Hide & Peek"  task.  Which basically meant the kids had to create a device that uncovers three surprise objects by lifting a team decorated container off of each of them from 5, 8, and 10 feet away. The containers may be raised at any time, in any order, and may be raised simultaneously. The demonstration of the solution will be presented during a performance  that integrates raising the containers and the surprise objects in it's theme.  While having a narrator and a setting.

They chose to do Tangled  .  Mya was the queen.  They rehearsed and worked on the background, the tower all of the costumes ,.... for about 3 months. The kids had to stay after school, and go to school on Saturday!  A huge effort was put into all of this...

Here is a clip of the video :)  I hope you enjoy!
I missed the very beginning as I thought my camera was recording... but you can still follow ;)  The kids had to make EVERYTHING themselves w/out any assistance.  They had to use there own brains and come up w/ everything.. they did an amazing job!!

and some pictures.. taken throughout the day...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers Day Craft/ Teacher Appreciation Week

Despite the surgery and the pain I am still in, I still did a Mothers Day Craft with my daycare kids for their moms for Mother's Day :)  I did however only get 1 shot of them... so I am hoping once they are displayed in their homes ... I can request a photo or 2 :)  Seeing as I made 6 of them... and love my pics..

Ughh  Teacher Appreciation week came way to fast this year.. not that we shouldn't appreciate them at all times but Mothers Day and Teacher Appreciation  all in 1 week... whewww
Since I can't drive right now, my bestie offered to run me here and there on Wednesday so I could get my supplies for all I needed.. I normally take the TA to a very crafty level.. not this year :(    gift cards to sweet frog and  cookies w/ a home made label that said " thanks for making me one smart cookie"   ... My friend did however make the cutest labels for me for the A&W sodas..

I'm sure it was greatly appreciated... and I know that's all that truly matters.
Well I'm off to bed, I need to get some rest before tomorrow.. I'm attempting to go to Mya's soccer game...

If you've missed Braydens birthday post check it out

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wow its May!

I have so much to catch up to on here, by the end of my day I am so tired I don't feel like blogging... but if you have facebook I'm sure your following right along with me and my busy self!  Life just flys by, so you better grab on to whats important and share and make memories, with those who matter.

So whether your family reading this or someone passing thru... life is so short, before you know it you've missed out and theres no turning back, my kids are amazing, and so very smart and are so full of life...   Speaking of life...

This is the best month out of the whole year, every year. I get to celebrate my children.  I celebrate them every day and how, but I get to spoil them and celebrate another amazing year spent with them .  Most of you know how its done... Braydens birthday is May 1st and then Mya's is  the 17th.  We have already celebrated Bray's day...  He wanted cereal for breakfast and Red  Robin for dinner. I was so amazed with the manager at Red Robin.. she actually put on the costume just for Bray!! We did angry bird cupcakes as well :)     Mya hasnt decided just yet how she wants to spend her day... but in June we are having a pool party for them to celebrate with friends.

Here are a few pictures from Brays birthday...

Brayden and his best friend Silas and girlfriend Chloe

This years birthday gift was a TRAMPOLINE

Happy Birthday Lil Man.... Mommy loves you!!

Just a few days prior to his birthday, Brayden had a ceremony at school for Good Citizen... He was so very proud to have been chosen for this.  It takes great accomplishments to earn this reward at his school...

Mya's birthday is fast approaching and she will be 8! I can't wait to hear how she wants to spend her day. I am crossing my fingers that I will be 100% on the mend by then. Abdominal Surgery sucks... and I'm already so over the 4 day couch bend and feeling totally drugged up all day... but the pain meds are helping me .  I have amazing friends you know. I have dinners lined up for my family all week, and I have friends constantly checking in on me to make sure I am ok... I  even needed bread and fruit for lunches tomorrow and without asking my bff brought me bread, fruit and even breakfast for the kids  tomorrow... <3  I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving friends..  My sister in law Kelcey spent the day at the hospital with us Thursday and I'm sure that helped Mike through the day... otherwise he would have been a hot

Friday morning I woke up to some beautiful flowers from my inlaws!

Love to all

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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Monday, June 20, 2011

First Day of Summer Vacation

First day of Summer Vacation...... and were off to the Park! We had a great day! We started off by playing on the playground, and then Mya found this awesome "tee-pe" that she just had to go play in, I didn't mind after I saw that it was pretty firm. So after inspecting and playing inside for a few we had some lunch :)

Now off to explore we go... First Brayden finds a snail, and he wasn't shy at all. He never went back in his shell, he hung around and was a very social snail.. Haha!

As we were walking the nature trail, we spotted 2 deer... I thought hmmmm wonder if they like bread?  ( normally when we would feed the deer we fed them carrots and apples) Well out of the 2 deer.. 1 really liked the bread, and you will see he was getting closer, and closer...

So Pretty

♥ Sibling Love ♥

Chasing frogs is the thing to do.....


What better way to finish a 4 hour park adventure.  ICE CREAM~

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Mya & Brayden

Goodness time fly's by... It seems like just months ago the kids were babies.. Now I have a 7 and 4 year old... Goodness... where does the time go? 

This past weekend we celebrated our children with some family and friends. The kids wanted to have a pool party and invite there friends So we had the party at The Historic Powhatan Resort  in Williamsburg,VA    We stayed 2 nights and really enjoyed ourselves. Saturday was the party as well as a soccer game back in Newport News, so needless to say that was a hectic day!    The kids received wonderful gifts and Mya was overly excited about so many.

Here are some pics to share w/ you our Birthday weekend :)