Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers Day Craft/ Teacher Appreciation Week

Despite the surgery and the pain I am still in, I still did a Mothers Day Craft with my daycare kids for their moms for Mother's Day :)  I did however only get 1 shot of them... so I am hoping once they are displayed in their homes ... I can request a photo or 2 :)  Seeing as I made 6 of them... and love my pics..

Ughh  Teacher Appreciation week came way to fast this year.. not that we shouldn't appreciate them at all times but Mothers Day and Teacher Appreciation  all in 1 week... whewww
Since I can't drive right now, my bestie offered to run me here and there on Wednesday so I could get my supplies for all I needed.. I normally take the TA to a very crafty level.. not this year :(    gift cards to sweet frog and  cookies w/ a home made label that said " thanks for making me one smart cookie"   ... My friend did however make the cutest labels for me for the A&W sodas..

I'm sure it was greatly appreciated... and I know that's all that truly matters.
Well I'm off to bed, I need to get some rest before tomorrow.. I'm attempting to go to Mya's soccer game...

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