Thursday, May 24, 2012

Odyssey of the Mind Performance

This year in second grade, Mya was chosen to participate in  Odyssey of the Mind at her school.  This was the first year that Dutrow Elementary has done a primary team (students in 1st and 2nd) The school typically just does grades 3-5th.   The primary team did amazing!!   It was a very long day at competition.. I believe we were there for 8hrs.  Incase your unfamiliar with what Odyssey of the Mind is : its an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students.

Mya's team had " Hide & Peek"  task.  Which basically meant the kids had to create a device that uncovers three surprise objects by lifting a team decorated container off of each of them from 5, 8, and 10 feet away. The containers may be raised at any time, in any order, and may be raised simultaneously. The demonstration of the solution will be presented during a performance  that integrates raising the containers and the surprise objects in it's theme.  While having a narrator and a setting.

They chose to do Tangled  .  Mya was the queen.  They rehearsed and worked on the background, the tower all of the costumes ,.... for about 3 months. The kids had to stay after school, and go to school on Saturday!  A huge effort was put into all of this...

Here is a clip of the video :)  I hope you enjoy!
I missed the very beginning as I thought my camera was recording... but you can still follow ;)  The kids had to make EVERYTHING themselves w/out any assistance.  They had to use there own brains and come up w/ everything.. they did an amazing job!!

and some pictures.. taken throughout the day...

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