Monday, June 20, 2011

First Day of Summer Vacation

First day of Summer Vacation...... and were off to the Park! We had a great day! We started off by playing on the playground, and then Mya found this awesome "tee-pe" that she just had to go play in, I didn't mind after I saw that it was pretty firm. So after inspecting and playing inside for a few we had some lunch :)

Now off to explore we go... First Brayden finds a snail, and he wasn't shy at all. He never went back in his shell, he hung around and was a very social snail.. Haha!

As we were walking the nature trail, we spotted 2 deer... I thought hmmmm wonder if they like bread?  ( normally when we would feed the deer we fed them carrots and apples) Well out of the 2 deer.. 1 really liked the bread, and you will see he was getting closer, and closer...

So Pretty

♥ Sibling Love ♥

Chasing frogs is the thing to do.....


What better way to finish a 4 hour park adventure.  ICE CREAM~

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