Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Gavin

Ooo isn't he just precious!
My best friends sister just had her second child and amazingly I got to be there to help her, hold her hand and yell at her while she gave birth! She did great! It was an amazing experience for me and I am grateful to have been there. It wasn't planned at all. Her husband was on a 8 month deployment was to return home from being out to sea on SATURDAY , but yet.. Gavin just couldn't wait! I received a text from Jamie early that morning needing me to get her and Autumn and take her to the hospital because she was contracting and it seemed to be 2 mins apart. .. Yes she woke up this way..  So, I was going up to the hospital to keep her company until her mom and sister arrived... I arrived at the hospital about 10 mins after Jamie and she was already pushing 9 cm. Everything happened so fast.. and next thing you know.. Baby Gavin arrived :)

He is so precious. :)


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