Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VA Natural Bridge Safari Weekend

What a great weekend! My family and best friends family went to Natural Bridge, VA It was amazing! We drove up Friday evening that way we could get an early start Saturday since it was a 3.5 hr trip from our house.  Saturday we went to Virginia Safari Park .   

We loved it. You drove your own pace through 110 acres- took us about 2.5 hrs but it really didn't feel like that at all... Time flew by. We got to feed the animals..pet them and just enjoy looking at them. We all had such a blast! It's a must do for any family regardless of age.

Back at the hotel we went swimming, took empty boxes and watched the kids slide down the mountain..haha that was fun.. Sunday we were off to another adventure... Natural Bridge itself.. 20 stories of solid limestone rock, carved by the fingers of nature-
It was breath taking, gorgeous and totally worth it. We walked the whole 3 miles... but this was satisfying and gave us much glory just to see what nature had made. The kids in the above picture are watching a water snake, slither along trying to eat the minnows.
On our way to the Natural Bridge we spotted FoamHedge.. haha we had to stop on our way home... 

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Mommyof2girlz said...

Awesome pics! Wish I knew about those places when we were there...such fun!