Friday, September 24, 2010

Toy Story on Ice

Wednesday we went to our yearly Ice show, and this year Disney featured Toy Story 3. Which was perfect since last year it was all about princesses and this year Brayden got to have Buzz :)
Last year Mya dressed up as Princess Belle when we went so I thought it would be tradition to dress up again..So, Brayden Dressed up as Buzz and Mya dressed up as Jessie.  We already had a Buzz costume so now I needed to find a Jessie one. Well, the halloween ones I really didn't like. They looked so cheap. So I asked a friend  if she would make her the outfit if I got the materials..

This is Jessie from Toy Story

I think it turned out pretty good. The only thing I noticed later about the chaps is that you couldn't actually see jeans in the front... but that's ok.. It was still darling and she received so many compliments!! You can check out Daffe Designs -  she makes a ton of stuff!

Add'l pictures from our night:

We had a good time! The whole show stayed on point with the movie which was pretty neat, so I am sure the kids were following it pretty well. The next morning Brayden begged to go back... I loved that he loved it so much!

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