Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

So, It's Labor Day.. and I need to catch up from the weekend :) 
We had an amazing family weekend, spent with friends as well. Thank goodness I have such wonderful friends they are my family here in VA since my mom and step dad are in Florida and my dad , brother and sister in law live in MD..I miss them all and so wish we all lived close.. I hate being so far away.

Saturday Mya had a birthday party to go to at her friend Kylee's - but it was more a bday party/ labor day party.. We had loads of fun cornhole, good food and good company and so did the kids...They made tie dyed shirts, swam all day, played played and played some more... afterwords we went over my besties house and watched the Date Night Movie - Steve Carell and Nancy Fey are hilarious actors.. but this movie was not as funny as we expected. Yes, we liked it.. but we expected way more.
Mya and the birthday girl
 (above picture) Mike and Brayden are playing slap

Sunday we had another Labor Day party to  attend- It turned out to be such a gorgeous day. The kids swam all day, played games as the adults drank and played cornhole and socialized at good food and once again great company! Once it was dark we lit up the fire pit.. that was really enjoyable :).. I  did "try" to make this really neat kid friendly Jello Treat.. It turned out very cute.. until I cut it.. It didn't do what I had intended it to do, so scooping it out was what we ended up doing regardless it was a huge hit overall :)

Today... was Muffin Tin Monday...
For Lunch:
Bologna & Cheese Rollups, Star-shaped Sticky Rice, Watermelon,Blueberry Yogurt and for dessert Resse cup

What a way to end summer vacation..
Mya starts 1st grade tomorrow. I am so excited for her but hate watching her grow up so fast... 
Stay tuned tomorrow for school pictures :)



JDaniel4's Mom said...

It looks like you had so much fun. I love the tin.

Lisa said...

Great tin!!