Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off to First Grade she goes....

My baby girl started 1st grade today, I can't believe it..and this is my last year at home w/ Brayden since next year he will be in Pre-K.. My kids are growing up way to fast! The alarm went off  this morning at 7am.. I thought Mya was going to struggle  this morning since she was up an hour later  than we expected...Nope.. I softly woke her up.. saying "Mya it's time to wake up.. it's the 1st day of school" she literally almost knocked me down as she jumps up and screams YES!!!!!!!!!  It was so cute.. but she surely won't be screaming yes for long...  Mya  is not a morning person :)

Last night I made Mya her 1st grade cake, just as I did last year....

Last years's cake:

She loved her cake... I forgot to get her to pose w/ it this morning so I will need to add that into my collection :)
Here's hoping to a wonderful school year :)

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