Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Crayons & Teacher Gift

I have 2 gifts to share :)
So, Mya's school doesn't allow for candy to be passed out for Valentines this year we decided to do heart shaped crayons for Mya's class. 
 I got 2 silicone heart ice trays @ Target . We recycled our crayons - and cut the paper off - broke them into small pieces so they would fit nicely in the molds/
Preheated the oven to 225°F ... Stuck the trays on to a cookie sheet so we didn't have any spills and it would be easier to put in the oven. 
We baked the "new" crayons for about 8 mins until they were melted, then added more crayons to it to fill it to the top and baked again another 5 mins.. (or until completely melted)
Cool for about 20 mins or so... and just pop them out of the silicone.

We then gathered our other materials so we could finish the final project
  • Scissors & Hole Puncher
  • Colored Paper
  • 24 Tulle Bags
  • Marker
" You make my world colorful"  Love Mya  - Each kid will receive 2 crayons

Now on to the next Gift for Mya's........
I really liked how this turned out... but I would have loved to have a little more detail... maybe next time.. 

  • Heart shaped Picks
  • Flowers
  • Pencils I purchased 72 ct @ Walmart.. and I used about 50
  • Rubber Bands

Finished project:

I placed the pencils around  the pot  and held it together w/ rubberbands that way Mya's teacher can still use the pencils once the flowers die

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